Grass Fed Beef

Our cows are 100% grass-fed, eating pasture and hay, not grain. Grass is the diet nature intended for ruminants, and the one on which they do best.

Our animals are Rotationally Grazed from early April until late December. In Rotational Grazing, groups of animals are placed on small areas of pasture for a short period of time (commonly 3 days or less), after which they are moved to fresh pasture. This mimics the natural system in which ruminants graze, spreads manure out over a large area rather than concentrating it, and allows the pasture to rest and regrow. In addition, multiple species can graze together, and since each species has different grazing preferences, both pasture utilization and health increase. In the winter, they eat a rich grass and legume hay, purchased from a local farm.

When the animals are mature, they are transported in small groups to a local, family-owned and operated USDA inspected abattoir, where they are processed according to the customer’s specifications.

Retail Cuts

We have our grass-fed beef available for sale at the Woodstock Farm Festival Farmers Market on Wednesdays, 3:30pm to dusk.  

Bulk quantities

Beef is available by the side or split-quarter in November. Stock up for the winter and save! 

*Our beef is 100% Grass-Fed, but NOT organic: they are fed non-organic hay in the winter.


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